Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oscars 2012 :)

Hey Everyone!

Again, sorry for the late post, it has been another crazy couple weeks for miss Carrington Rowe.

Let's get started on the Oscars, shall we? There were so many different and beautiful gowns this year.

Of course I'm starting with Best Dressed:

Here is the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford and Anna Hu Jewels. She looks absolutely stunning in this dress and the cape is so elegant. Love it, well done!

Here is Michelle Williams in this nice Louis Vuitton number. I love the layer on top it's so beautiful. Well done Michelle !

why hello Milla! :) Definitely one of my favorite gowns of the evening she looked so confident and amazing in this dress by Elie Saab Couture. Rock it Milla!

Here is Natalie Portman in Vintage Christian Dior. It was so different but adorable and the jewels really worked with this. I hope she was wearing the Christian Dior perfume as well ;) Beautiful Natalie !

Octavia Spencer looking absolutely gorgeous in her main designer Tadashi Shoji. Wow so beautiful and she has a beautiful Oscar to go with it :) congratulations Octavia!

Penelope Cruz is looking so gorgeous in this Giorgio Armani Prive number. The jewels were appropriate for this it was so flowy and beautiful. Go Penelope :)

Now, off to worst dressed:

Ok Anna, you are so funny putting this dress on for the oscars, Diane Von Furstenberg I adore you but not a fan of this dress. It looks like a dressed up trashbag :(

Ok, Jessica your hair is so gorgeous, but why would you wear this dress? It looks like someone forgot to add the rest of the curtain to your dress. Alexander McQueen, you are another favorite designer of mine, but I'm not a fan :(

Judy Greer, love the hair and jewels, but what is going on with the dress? The material is gorgeous, but it makes you look invisible in the middle of your body. It was not a good pick :(

Viola Davis, you are one of my favorite actresses, your hairdo is awesome, I love the top of your dress and the jewels, but the rest is not too good. It looks like they missed some stitching at the bottom, it's just something looks off to me. Not a fan of the dress unfortunately :(

Well, there you have it folks! Those were my picks from the oscars of 2012 :) Let me know any of your favorites or not so favorites.

I hope you guys enjoy the post!