Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eco Friendly Fashion, The New Trend

Hello Everyone :)

Just this past Friday, I went to a Eco Fashion show called Eco Fabulous Fashion Show run by Cincy Chic. It was such a great event. Here are some examples of regular Eco Fashion that you would see from designers:

Dressing Eco-friendly has been a huge trend so far since the end of last year and it's amazing, I have a couple of Eco friendly outfits as well.

Here are some photos I took, I was in a pretty awesome spot to take some pics:

These designs were made with either a laundry bag, hair extensions, napkins, all sorts of cool details that you can find around your house.

It's a lovely and inexpensive way to style yourself...Just be creative! And remember my advice: Try some risk-taking ;) you never know what great trend you will start...It all starts with one idea.

Hope you guys enjoy my post :)

Until Next time!