Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grammy's 2012

Hello Everyone!

Long time, no posting! I have been sick/going to school/filming/working/auditioning. It has been a crazy couple weeks. But I hope everyone has been well, let's get started finishing up awards season with the 2nd to last big awards show: THE GRAMMY'S :)

Talk about the fashions this year! My oh my there were some beautiful gowns and some...interesting gowns/outfits.

Let's start with my favorites(of course if you have any other favorites besides the ones I have here, feel free to add them to the comments part):

Talk about Katy Perry in this gorgeous Elie Saab number. What a way to show Russell Brand what he's missing, right? She looked gorgeous, even with her blue hair. You rocked it Katy!
Next up, here is Carrie Underwood in Gomez Gracia. Doesn't surprise me that she looks amazing for an awards show.
wow! Rihanna rocked it in Armani Prive. The blonde hair is gorgeous too, very appropriate for the dress. So cute!
And of course Kate Beckinsale looked amazing in Zuhair Murad. I definitely hope to look like that when I am in my early 40s. Way to go Kate!
My last favorite, def not least, is Adele in Armani Prive. She looked ravishing, as always in this black number. It is a very classic look and Adele rocked it(along with her wins/performance). Congrats Adele!

Now my least favorites:

Yikes! Talk about awkward wardrobe...I am gonna assume she went for the superhero look? It just looks awkward, especially the least wear heels. Definitely not a fan :(
Next, Cyndi Lauper...It doesn't surprise me that she went over the top. Cyndi, do us a favor and please dress your age. Again, the outfit is very awkward, it looks like you're going to try to impress a certain someone after the show...
I have to say, this is a refreshment but at the same time, I am not digging this. The material is lovely, I will give it that. I just wish she would've done something different with her hair...if she would've done that, then the dress would've worked. Wacky hair + a lot of puff at the bottom of the dress=please tone it down...
Ok Fergie, the color looks great, but did you have to do see-through? I mean yes show off your body, but do it tastefully. Plus, it looks like you're gonna trip on it with this pose...
Adam Levine, You look great! :) But Anne V, your dress is showing a little too much...I have a feeling if the wind was blowing towards the bottom of your dress, we would see something that a lot of people wouldn't appreciate. This isn't a Victoria Secret Fashion show...
Lastly, Esperanza Spalding...There is too much happening here...Stick to just a couple colors if you're gonna go with a dress like this. I'll admit I love the flower on the top, but the bottom needs fixed.

That's all I have to say about the Grammy's folks, if you have anything to add about what I wrote, add some of your favorites/least favorites, or anything else, please write it in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Grammy's as much as I did this year.

Until next time,

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey everyone !

I had a fabulous weekend and thought I'd share it with you. This past friday, I attended an event called The Lady in RED event. It was an event that was for the American Heart Association. And even better, we got to wear RED.

Since, Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought it would be good to talk about the color red and why red is a very important color.

Red is a very important color because it is the main color that stands out and it's also a sexy color which is good.

Here is how the RED event turned out:

As usual, I am going to tell you what I am wearing:

Dress: Forever 21

Here are some fun pics we took in the Cincy Chic booth:

When it comes to wearing red, you have to make sure you have to wear another color with it. If you wear all red, then it becomes too bright. For example, look what we are wearing with our red: Black. Black and red is an excellent combination. Really, red with any other color is good too, except for another bright color; then they just clash and it looks awkward.

That's all I have for today :) I hope this gives you some sort of a good idea of what to wear for Valentine's day...


Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Pencil Skirts should be worn

Hello everyone :)

How was everyone's Groundhog day? Mine was amazing it was pretty warm, but chilly at the same time. It was a great day to wear my Pencil skirt.

Speaking of pencil skirts...Let's get to the topic shall we? I am gonna describe to you how pencil skirts should be worn:

Pencil skirts should be hugging around your belly button, or maybe a little above that for the top part of the skirt. Basically, it should hug around your assets...if you get what I'm saying ;) the bottom part should end a little below the knee. Here's an example of how I wore my pencil skirt:

For this skirt, as you can see the top part starts around the belly button and has a cute design with it, along with ending a little below the knee. Also, if you guys recognize the shirt/shoes, I wore them in the blog Flowers Never Die in Fashion...But again, I am gonna tell you what brands I am wearing:

earrings: New York and Company
Shirt: Banana Republic
Skirt:New York and Company
Shoes:Madden Girl

Here's what not to do with Pencil skirts: make sure they look flattering on you. There is nothing more unattractive than a skirt that looks too tight on you.

If you want to add a cute pin for the pencil skirt, you can do that. Again, risktaking; if you are new to this blog, that is what I talk about in this blog. RISKTAKING.

And another perk for wearing a pencil skirt, depending if it fits well on you, it shows off your figure very well.

Plus, you can have fun with colors for a skirt: as you can see, I went with a blue one. Colors are very fun for pencil skirts, you don't always have to stick with black or grey.

That's all I have for you :) I hope you guys enjoy my post ! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fashion at the SAG Awards...

Hey everyone!

Let's talk about the fashions at this year's SAG Awards :) I was very impressed this year! Some people looked absolutely gorgeous, some people looked gorgeous, but could change a few things, and some people...I can't even talk about....

Let's get started with best dressed:

Michelle Williams in this beautiful Red Valentino number. I love the lace with it as well and the red high heeled shoes. Gorgeous!

Julianna Margulies in a pretty Calvin Klein dress. And her husband looks gorgeous as well. They make a great pair don't they?
Jayma Mays looks amazing in this glittery Reem Acra dress. She looks really good! Work it Jayma :)

Sofia Vergara looks of course amazing in this Marchesa dress. I love the lining of the dress, it really shows her figure.
Emma Stone looks so good in Alexander McQueen. I love the beautiful design in the bust area. Very appropriate and beautiful. Well done Emma!
Emily Blunt looks gorgeous in this green Oscar de la Renta number. Green is absolutely on of my favorite colors. Absolutely love the drapery and the flow of the dress.
Naya Rivera looks so good in Naeem Rhan. It goes with her skin tone and her hair is gorgeous with this dress. Well done Naya :)
Of course, the gorgeous Octavia Spencer, wearing Tadashi Shoji. Just like how she wore at the Golden Globes, this girl has not disappointed us yet. Congrats Octavia!
Stacy Keibler in this beautiful black laced Marchesa dress. Of course, George Clooney looks great as well.
Viola Davis looks amazing in this Marchesa number. (Marchesa was a popular designer for the night, huh?) Viola's hair is gorgeous, definitely showing confidence with this dress. Congrats Viola!
Now off the worst dressed:

Rose Byrne, this would work for another event, just not the SAG's kinda boring :(

Busy Phillips, this print is too "busy." This is def not appropriate for the SAG Awards, it's not like you're going to the beach.

Jenna Ushkowitz, you don't put sheer and print together, this is a fashion no no.

Shailene Woodley, I get that you were going with the theme of the movie-The Descendants, but the dress would look a little better without the red flower petals.  Definitely not appropriate for the SAG Awards.

That's all I have from the SAG Awards, let me know either on here or on facebook: Fashion with Carrington, which outfits you liked/disliked from the show this year.

I hope you guys enjoy the post!