Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brown and Black...good together?

Hello All,

Today I went with a Brown and Black theme and it turned out to be very ok. Whenever you hear people tell you to not wear certain colors together, they're usually right. But when I put this outfit together, brown and black can definitely go together.

Hear is my brown and black outfit and from head to toe, these are the brands I am wearing:

Earrings: Betsy Johnson
Dress: Target
Tights: Target
Dark Brown Boots: Brand-Halogen from Nordstrom Rack

See? Even a fancy-ish dress can go really well as a casual/cute/dressy outfit. That's all I have for you folks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on the blog, call me, skype with me, or email me.

Again, I have a facebook page for the blog now, along with using my current twitter account:

Facebook- Fashion with Carrington
Twitter- CarringtonR

Hope you guys are enjoying the blog so far and I would love to hear some feedback :) until next time!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first time as a professional stylist...

Hello All,

Today, or I should say yesterday, was such a wonderful experience because I dealt with my first client today for a consultation :).

Her name is Vicki Baker, a really good friend of mine and she had such a good time; as did I :). Here are all of the outfits I consulted her on:

I put her in a simple white top added with a cardigan, teal pants, and brown boots-all from H&M.

Next outfit here: I put her in a gray blazer for more of a professional look with some black jeans. Plus, you can wear it casual(as seen here). Again, all from H&M.

Another outfit, I had Vicki in a gray top with a really fun teal/brown skirt with a fall look with brown boots.

Here's a fun outfit, a cute t-shirt with a black blazer and a pink ruffle skirt...a risky outfit but she pulled it off(just like I knew she would).

Now here is something very fun: a navy blue dress with suede orange fun and simple, you can put this together in 5 min.

This outfit can be an any season outfit: this would be a good example of a nice fall day(added with a jacket) or if it's summer, add some cute heels).

Here is another professional look, but very office look and it's what she was looking for so that was perfect! :) and she looks so good!

Last but not least: again, the plain white top with this gray plaid skirt and tan boots. You can also do a black top with this.

(For some reason, my computer wouldn't let me rotate my pictures so I had to upload them this way).

Sorry I was a little delayed in getting the post up here. Besides this fashion blog, I am an actress, I work at my dad's office, I work at a clothing/accessories store called Charming Charlie, I work with events, and I go to school. If a blog gets delayed, you know why :).

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures from the first consultation. See? Consultations are fun days; they are not me forcing you to wear something or saying your wardrobe stinks ;) Again, if you would like a consultation, don't hesitate to call/email/skype. All of the information is on previous posts.

One more thing, I now have a facebook/twitter page so anytime you want a more in depth page of the fashion blog, check those out as well.

I hope you enjoyed the post! :) Until next time!


Monday, October 24, 2011

The Color Purple...For Any Season...

Hello All,

Today is my 3rd outfit post and I am very excited to see how many people have viewed my blog :).

And I am very happy to announce that my first consultation is tomorrow! You will find out tomorrow who my first client is...

Off to my theme today:

PURPLE. It is an amazing color, it's just one of those colors to make you happy. Today I went with a purple camisole with a beret, cardigan, jeans, and comfy purple boots. As always, I will tell you what brands I am wearing:

Beret: Target, Cardigan: New York and Company, Camisole: Macy's, Jeans: Gap, and boots: Steve Madden.

Also, you can wear it as a fun summer outfit or if you're feeling hot in the cardigan:

See? Very simple. And also, I let my hair curl a little which is fun.

I hope you enjoyed today's post! I will update you all on how the consultation went :).


Friday, October 21, 2011

Flowers never die in fashion...

Day 2:

Hey everyone :) today was such a beautiful day so I went with a flower theme. Just because it's fall, doesn't mean that spring/summer is completely taken away from us.

See? The shirt has flowers and if you look carefully, I am wearing flower earrings.

From head to toe:

elastic headband: Forever 21
Flower earrings: New York and Company
Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Brand-Madden Girl from DSW.

As you can see, I am not wearing a necklace because there are flowers on the shirt. A necklace would make the flowers unnoticeable on my shirt.

As you can see below, I added a nice light coat for the chilly weather today. Plus, I love this coat because it has a really cute belt with it.

Coat: H&M

That's all I have for you today folks! :) I hope so far you guys are enjoying it. If you like the fashions you are seeing, definitely give me a call/email about setting up a consultation. Again, here is the information I have for that:

I am going to offer fashion consultations with people for $10/hr. (includes the actual consultation: over at your house-if comfortable with that, skype, or meet me for coffee or something and show me pictures of what kind of wardrobe you have. Then, we go shopping! )

If anyone would be interested in a consultation, call me at 513-376-0910, email me at, or hit me up on skype: carrington.rowe.

I hope you guys enjoy today's post!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Fall Outfit #1

And here we go....

Today was such a horrible day for weather, but I wasn't going to let some silly weather get in the way of my wardrobe.

Today I wore a really fun outfit:

Hat: Liz Claiborne
Shirt: Target
Pencil Skirt/belt: Target
tights: Target
Boots: Brand-Halogen from Nordstrom Rack

You can also wear a raincoat with this since it was a rainy day, I wore my Vera Wang raincoat(Not Pictured). Also, you can wear a fun brown peacoat jacket(since I am wearing brown with the outfit afterall). As you can see you can still do a fun fall look, even in the rain.

Hope you enjoyed my first fashion tip :) I hope to hear from you all!