Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Award Season Can Begin...

Hello Everyone!

Here we are in a new year, back to the grind with school, work, and the busy lives we had before the holidays...Well in my case, I was even busy during the holidays. That's why it took me so long to get back to the blog, but I hope you guys are still looking at it.

I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful :)

Anyway, let's get started on talking about the fashion for award season. The first award show we can talk about is the Golden Globes.

Everybody looks forward to the fashions of the Golden Globes and The Oscars every year. Now, when it comes to big events like these, you want to make sure that you dress very well, especially the men. This year's Golden Globes, everyone that arrived had some really great choices and some kinda...interesting choices.

Let's start with the best dressed choices:

Octavia Spencer from The Help. What a beautiful dress this is by Tadashi Shoji. And top off this dress, she has a lovely Golden Globe to go with it. Congratulations Octavia!

Elle MacPherson, what a gorgeous woman! Normally I'm not a fan of the poof at the bottom, but this dress was absolutely beautiful! Zac Posen is a genius.

Claire Danes, loved her black and white dress by J. Mendel. And of course, she has a Golden Globe to go with that as well. Congratulations Claire!

And talk about Viola Davis in this stunning Pucci dress :) and her hair is amazing! Beautiful as always Viola.

Reese Witherspoon looks great in this red Zac Posen number. And sometimes you don't need a necklace, and Reese is one of the people that pulled it off.

Michelle Williams wore this very beautiful but different dress by Jason Wu. I absolutely love the velvet material. On top of that, she has a Golden Globe to accessorize with it ;) congratulations Michelle !

Sofia Vergara, I absolutely love this woman she is awesome! This beautiful blue number by Vera Wang(one of my favorite designers) is gorgeous.

Jessica Alba looks so stunning in this Gucci number. Her hair looks amazing with this as well. The train is wonderful and appropriate with the dress.

Now on to the guys who were voted best dressed:

Ricky Gervais, the host himself, in a nice burgundy colored suit. Robert Downey Jr. in a nice Gucci tuxedo, very handsome.
Ty Murrell from Modern Family actually pulled off one of the most difficult, risky looks for a guy. He actually did not look like a waiter, he looks really handsome in this suit combination.

I am very impressed with a lot of the stars that dressed well for the red carpet.

Now, off to the worst dressed at the Golden Globes:
What on earth is Lea Michele wearing? I personally don't think this is appropriate for the Golden Globes. I like the bottom part, just def not the top...it's a little much. It looks like someone broke glass on top of her and it stuck.

I know a lot of people liked this, but theis dress made me think someone spilled blue paint on it by accident. I have to admit though, Sarah Michelle Gellar does look confident in this dress. But that's all that's good about it unfortunately.

Below, Madonna's dress isn't so bad the only thing negative I have is that the bottom of the dress looks heavier than the top. Andrea Riseborough from W/E, her dress is a little too light for me...you can see right through the bottom. It's not very appropriate for the Golden Globes.

Yeah all of the men there were pretty well dressed for the Golden Globes so I don't have anything negative to say about them.

That's all I have about the Golden Globes and I hope you guys enjoy the post! If you guys have any comments about the dresses or the suits that I haven't mentioned, please do so on either the post, my facebook page for Fashion with Carrington, or Twitter: CarringtonR.

Thank you!