Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hello my wonderful peeps!!

I am so sad that I haven't blogged since December :( It has been a crazy few months for me. As most of you know, I am an actress, singer, dancer, model(promo, print, and glamour), writer, works events, and travels everywhere for all of it.

In my last post, I had modeled for celebrity stylist Derek Warburton and that was so amazing! Since the new year arrived, everything has exploded in such a wonderful way! As far as acting: I was in 2 plays/a couple films. For singing: I got to sing in the Irish play I was in called "Tho' It Were Ten Thousand Miles," where I played the lead Fiona. Currently, I am starting to write songs and start singing a lot. For dancing: I am with a dance company called Pones Inc. and I also dance with the Heather Britt Dance Collaborative(her class called DanceFix). Each company travels around and dances at events, so fun! Modeling has slowed a little but I am getting back into it currently, which is fine, but Promo Modeling has picked up a lot! I am currently writing a short story, three scripts, and now...back to my Fashion with Carrington blog(along with where the events come into play as well.)

Also, I have a new part time gig where I am a Fashion Merchandiser for the jewelry line Chloe + Isabel. I am so ecstatic about this opportunity! Check out my online boutique with them: :) I'll post about Chloe + Isabel in my next post...

This post is just an update about what I have been up to!

Until next time!