Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stylish, the "RUSHED" way

Do you wake up late sometimes? Always in a rush in the morning? Ever wondered how you could put something together quickly, without looking rushed?

There is a method to all this madness :)

When it comes to the busiest day of the week for you, we have all been there...your alarm doesn't go off for some reason or it wasn't loud enough or the power went out...etc. All of a sudden you're running really late and you need to look great, right? Let's start with dressing for a meeting:


These meeting outfits are very quick to put on while running late, especially a black dress.


These outfit ideas are wonderful! Something as simple as a dress that you can put on without dealing with a zipper and to add a cute accessory with it...amazing! Plus, shoes that you can slip on are a lifesaver :)

 Here you go! Don't worry we all have been there, just be simple and creative with it.

Until next time,