Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Smaller Fashion Shows, The Next Big Thing?

Hello Everyone! I hope you have had such an amazing holiday season :)

We all know about Mercedes Fashion Week in New York, NY, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, etc. but did you know that there are possibly fashion shows near you?

Well, there are! There is a really amazing event called Small Boutique Fashion Week(which I didn't even know about until last week) and it looks super amazing after looking it up.

Here is the website oh and if you're a model out of NYC and ATL, they are casting right now!

It's so exciting to see newer trends happening every week...could this be the next big trend in Fashion? Smaller Fashion shows?

People think that you have to be a 5'8" and up model and a certain weight to be in fashion shows, and only in the first few I mentioned at the top. THAT'S NOT TRUE.

There are other shows in the world that hire heights 5'5" and higher or if you are the right body type for their clothes, they'll hire you. There are so many options...Brooklyn Fashion Week has been huge, Los Angeles has one, New York has a ton, states you wouldn't think would have fashion shows, even private events for charity mostly have fashion shows, which I attend a lot of those.

It's always great to support the local fashion businesses, along with models who get a chance to shine on that runway!

Do your research and maybe you will get to attend, model, or organize a fashion show soon and near you! Who knows, maybe your fashion show will be the next big show out there...

I know this post was short and sweet but I hope it was helpful.

Until Next Time,

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello everyone! My schedule caught up to me so fast, I hope you've been keeping up with my Facebook page "Fashion with Carrington." But I am back!

This week starts the holiday festivities for Thanksgiving! I know what you are asking yourself: Am I getting enough food? Do we have enough d├ęcor? Do I have enough room at my house for everyone coming? I am hoping you've been taking care of those things...

But the main question you should be asking yourself...have I pampered myself before the official chaos begins? That's where your fashion question comes in: What outfit am I wearing on Thanksgiving?

I am here to help you think of some quick and easy ideas for this years' festivities:

The Chic look :) *Same look I'm doing this year by the way*

The Casual look :) Super cute!

The outerwear look :)

The Classic look :)

So fun! Love the matching red :)

Another casual :)

I call this the "Match the pumpkin" chic look :)

These sweaters are always a must if you're in a last minute deciding factor :)

I hope these ideas help you :) I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving and I hope you have a lot to be thankful for.
I am thankful for each and every one of you!
Until next time,

Monday, August 4, 2014


What is Chloe + Isabel? Do you remember in my last post saying how I was now a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser? Well, I am here to tell you what this fabulous jewelry line is...


"After working 15 years in corporate fashion and retail – focusing on jewelry design, development, and merchandising at industry heavyweights like Target Corp., Macy’s, LVMH, and Gap, Inc. – Chantel sought to share her knowledge and expertise to educate and empower the modern woman of today. Having supported herself in college through direct sales, Chantel knew how lucrative the industry could be, but was surprised by the lack of opportunities for young women her age.

Chantel set out to develop the company that wasn’t around when she was starting her career. Her vision translated into the company you see today: Chloe + Isabel, a socially connected community of like-minded, career-driven women selling a product worthy of their passion. " Quoted by the Chloe + Isabel Website, talking about the founder/owner Chantal Waterbury.

"Chloe + Isabel is a fashion jewelry lifestyle brand devoted to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. Our company was founded in 2011 by industry expert Chantel Waterbury and was quickly named one of the '20 Best New Startups of 2011' by Business Insider."-Chloe + Isabel website.

Chloe + Isabel has a care center in Oakland, CA(the care team is seriously the best!), a Fulfillment Center where they not only ship from but they make the sure the quality is still great, and then there is the MAIN HUB in New York City, NY which is the corporate office/Design studio also the marketing/operations/product/sales/technology teams :)

THE FRIENDSHIP PHILOSOPHY(Straight from the website):

The Chloe + Isabel brand was inspired by a concept we call "The Friendship Philosophy" which is the idea of two best friends with different personalities and styles, united by their passion for fashion and self-expression.

What's her Style?
-Trendsetting, Whimsical, Daring, Chic
Where she shops:
-Topshop, Free People, Madewell, Alice + Olivia
Her Style Icons:
-Alexa Chung, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker

What's her style?
-Sophisticated, Romantic, Classic, Chic
Where she shops:
-Anthropologie, J. Crew, Club Monaco, Diane Von Furstenberg
Her Style Icons:
-Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Carey Mulligan

**When I took the quiz, I got Chloabel, which is both :) ** so exciting!

Chloe + Isabel is a fashion destination for creative and confident women. They are more than jewelry; they are a lifestyle brand with a genuine and unique personality, point of view, and mission.

Their motto is: Be creative, Be Confident, Be you.

Here are some pics of Chloe + Isabel 's amazingness!

You can also check out their pieces on these magazines: Lucky, Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Real Simple, Redbook, People(Style Watch), Oprah Magazine, Life & Style, OK!, Good Housekeeping, US Weekly, and so much more!!

Also, if you would like to purchase some items(have a wedding coming up, an event, birthday, etc.?) then you should head to my online boutique:

For more info on the company, head to :)

This jewelry is amazing and I highly recommend it.

Until next time,

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hello my wonderful peeps!!

I am so sad that I haven't blogged since December :( It has been a crazy few months for me. As most of you know, I am an actress, singer, dancer, model(promo, print, and glamour), writer, works events, and travels everywhere for all of it.

In my last post, I had modeled for celebrity stylist Derek Warburton and that was so amazing! Since the new year arrived, everything has exploded in such a wonderful way! As far as acting: I was in 2 plays/a couple films. For singing: I got to sing in the Irish play I was in called "Tho' It Were Ten Thousand Miles," where I played the lead Fiona. Currently, I am starting to write songs and start singing a lot. For dancing: I am with a dance company called Pones Inc. and I also dance with the Heather Britt Dance Collaborative(her class called DanceFix). Each company travels around and dances at events, so fun! Modeling has slowed a little but I am getting back into it currently, which is fine, but Promo Modeling has picked up a lot! I am currently writing a short story, three scripts, and now...back to my Fashion with Carrington blog(along with where the events come into play as well.)

Also, I have a new part time gig where I am a Fashion Merchandiser for the jewelry line Chloe + Isabel. I am so ecstatic about this opportunity! Check out my online boutique with them: :) I'll post about Chloe + Isabel in my next post...

This post is just an update about what I have been up to!

Until next time!