Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Smaller Fashion Shows, The Next Big Thing?

Hello Everyone! I hope you have had such an amazing holiday season :)

We all know about Mercedes Fashion Week in New York, NY, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, etc. but did you know that there are possibly fashion shows near you?

Well, there are! There is a really amazing event called Small Boutique Fashion Week(which I didn't even know about until last week) and it looks super amazing after looking it up.

Here is the website oh and if you're a model out of NYC and ATL, they are casting right now!

It's so exciting to see newer trends happening every week...could this be the next big trend in Fashion? Smaller Fashion shows?

People think that you have to be a 5'8" and up model and a certain weight to be in fashion shows, and only in the first few I mentioned at the top. THAT'S NOT TRUE.

There are other shows in the world that hire heights 5'5" and higher or if you are the right body type for their clothes, they'll hire you. There are so many options...Brooklyn Fashion Week has been huge, Los Angeles has one, New York has a ton, states you wouldn't think would have fashion shows, even private events for charity mostly have fashion shows, which I attend a lot of those.

It's always great to support the local fashion businesses, along with models who get a chance to shine on that runway!

Do your research and maybe you will get to attend, model, or organize a fashion show soon and near you! Who knows, maybe your fashion show will be the next big show out there...

I know this post was short and sweet but I hope it was helpful.

Until Next Time,