Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brown and Black...good together?

Hello All,

Today I went with a Brown and Black theme and it turned out to be very ok. Whenever you hear people tell you to not wear certain colors together, they're usually right. But when I put this outfit together, brown and black can definitely go together.

Hear is my brown and black outfit and from head to toe, these are the brands I am wearing:

Earrings: Betsy Johnson
Dress: Target
Tights: Target
Dark Brown Boots: Brand-Halogen from Nordstrom Rack

See? Even a fancy-ish dress can go really well as a casual/cute/dressy outfit. That's all I have for you folks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on the blog, call me, skype with me, or email me.

Again, I have a facebook page for the blog now, along with using my current twitter account:

Facebook- Fashion with Carrington
Twitter- CarringtonR

Hope you guys are enjoying the blog so far and I would love to hear some feedback :) until next time!