Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grammy's 2012

Hello Everyone!

Long time, no posting! I have been sick/going to school/filming/working/auditioning. It has been a crazy couple weeks. But I hope everyone has been well, let's get started finishing up awards season with the 2nd to last big awards show: THE GRAMMY'S :)

Talk about the fashions this year! My oh my there were some beautiful gowns and some...interesting gowns/outfits.

Let's start with my favorites(of course if you have any other favorites besides the ones I have here, feel free to add them to the comments part):

Talk about Katy Perry in this gorgeous Elie Saab number. What a way to show Russell Brand what he's missing, right? She looked gorgeous, even with her blue hair. You rocked it Katy!
Next up, here is Carrie Underwood in Gomez Gracia. Doesn't surprise me that she looks amazing for an awards show.
wow! Rihanna rocked it in Armani Prive. The blonde hair is gorgeous too, very appropriate for the dress. So cute!
And of course Kate Beckinsale looked amazing in Zuhair Murad. I definitely hope to look like that when I am in my early 40s. Way to go Kate!
My last favorite, def not least, is Adele in Armani Prive. She looked ravishing, as always in this black number. It is a very classic look and Adele rocked it(along with her wins/performance). Congrats Adele!

Now my least favorites:

Yikes! Talk about awkward wardrobe...I am gonna assume she went for the superhero look? It just looks awkward, especially the least wear heels. Definitely not a fan :(
Next, Cyndi Lauper...It doesn't surprise me that she went over the top. Cyndi, do us a favor and please dress your age. Again, the outfit is very awkward, it looks like you're going to try to impress a certain someone after the show...
I have to say, this is a refreshment but at the same time, I am not digging this. The material is lovely, I will give it that. I just wish she would've done something different with her hair...if she would've done that, then the dress would've worked. Wacky hair + a lot of puff at the bottom of the dress=please tone it down...
Ok Fergie, the color looks great, but did you have to do see-through? I mean yes show off your body, but do it tastefully. Plus, it looks like you're gonna trip on it with this pose...
Adam Levine, You look great! :) But Anne V, your dress is showing a little too much...I have a feeling if the wind was blowing towards the bottom of your dress, we would see something that a lot of people wouldn't appreciate. This isn't a Victoria Secret Fashion show...
Lastly, Esperanza Spalding...There is too much happening here...Stick to just a couple colors if you're gonna go with a dress like this. I'll admit I love the flower on the top, but the bottom needs fixed.

That's all I have to say about the Grammy's folks, if you have anything to add about what I wrote, add some of your favorites/least favorites, or anything else, please write it in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Grammy's as much as I did this year.

Until next time,