Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lia Sophia Jewelry

Hello Everyone!

The post today is about Lia Sophia Jewelry.

I had the pleasure of going to a Lia Sophia Jewelry party on Tuesday night(3/20/12) and it was so much fun. The Jewelry is absolutely beautiful.

Here are some pictures that I took of the wonderful table of beauty:

 This is the whole table...look at that gorgeous jewelry :)

 Look at this gorgeous jewelry :) I wish I could have all of this don't you guys?
 These are a pair of earrings I won in a drawing, aren't those so cute? :)

Let me give you some history of Lia Sophia Jewelry, straight from the Lia Sophia Website itself:

"The lia sophia Story
Jewelry has been a passion in the Kiam family for decades. In fact, lia sophiaisn't the only jewelry company that family patriarch and entrepreneur Victor Kiam and his wife, Ellen, were a part of. They learned a great deal about the business from the Friendship Collection, which they started as a mom-and-pop enterprise in their apartment decades earlier. By the 1970s, it had grown into the United States' largest importer of jewelry, antiques and artifacts from China. Even early on, their instincts were good.
Part of what energized Victor was the prospect of supporting other entrepreneurs, and in 1986, he had the opportunity to purchase a company known as Act II Jewelry. At the time, Tory Kiam was a second-year student at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, so Victor asked his son to help with his due diligence by analyzing Act II's prospects for a school project. Tory's report concluded that direct selling provided great earning opportunities, flexible working hours and enhanced self-esteem for those involved. In essence, it was an industry for and about entrepreneurs. The sale was sealed, and over the years, Act II Jewelry would grow and evolve into lia sophia.
But he first changed the name to Lady Remington, to align the brand with the Remington shaver company he already had purchased and revitalized to resounding success and considerable fame. He established a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on all the jewelry because he knew how much that confidence had meant for Customers in his other businesses. And he engendered a family atmosphere at Lady Remington, making sure each Advisor knew how important she was to the company, and to him. Many lia sophia Advisors from the era still fondly remember Victor urging them on with an enthusiastic, "Go for it!"
With Victor's passing in 2001, the Kiam family continued to grow and develop the company that meant so much to him. In 2004, Tory and his wife, Elena, changed the brand name to that of their daughters, both to update the brand and to reflect their deep commitment to the family business. Today, Tory serves as president, working to connect every lia sophia Advisor, Hostess and Guest to their personal dreams, just as his father did. And Elena is involved on many fronts as Creative Director. In addition to working with designers to develop each season's collection and serving as a fashion and style consultant for our Advisors, Elena works with Ellen Kiam to curate the Kiam Collection™, oversees the lia sophia Red Carpet Collection™ of jewelry styles worn by countless television, film and Broadway celebrities, and cultivates the successful relationship lia sophia enjoys with the company's not-for-profit partner, Dress for Success.
Of course, first and foremost, Tory and Elena are father and mother to Alexander, Sophia and Lia, and family is a central theme at the company every day, year after year. Together, as a family and as a company, we strive to uphold the standards set by Victor Kiam and to exceed his expectations ... and our own."

Here are some pictures of celebrities wearing Lia Sophia Jewelry:

 Here is Ashlee Simpson with the lovely creator Elena Kiam and Dani Stahl
Everyone Knows Guiliana Rancic :) Gorgeous!

Audrina Patridge looking pretty in the Gold necklace :)

Maria Menounos

Amber Lancaster looking casual and adorable in the goes with the outfit quite well.

I will be attending another Lia Sophia Party on April 10, 2012 so I will update this post after that party as well.

And if you need some tips on how to accessorize some jewelry, I will put another post about accessories, but for now check out my last post on Accessories called "Accessories are kind of a big deal."

I hope you guys enjoyed my post, let me know what you guys think :)

Here is the link to the Lia Sophia Website:

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