Sunday, November 27, 2011

Men's Fashion

Hey Everyone! :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving :). Mine was so good, I think i'll be eating leftovers for a while...

Anyway, off to a topic that I am sure a lot of people have been waiting for...MEN'S FASHION.

Now, gentlemen normally don't care about fashion...except ones who are in the industry where they need to care about fashion: Acting, Fashion, Business, etc.

Here are awesome examples of what men should wear:

1st part-SUITS:

See? These suits are classic :) you can wear it for business or you can wear it to a nice dinner. (little tip: girls love men in least I know I do).

Here are examples of the way celebs do it:

    Here's an example of my friend Nathan who does a 50s style of a suit:

But you men get the point :) you can do any form of suit and still look good...unless it's a tux from the 1970s and it's frilly...then probably you need an upgrade ;).

2nd Part:  A good Tux

A Tux is a more dressed up style of a suit, it's still tailored very well but you wear it to more formal events, such as: galas, proms, and award ceremonies(don't have to though for award ceremonies).

One celeb is wearing this to the emmys(on the left) and then Hugh Jackman is wearing this classic tux for hosting the Oscars(bottom).

3rd part: Casual

When it comes to casual gentlemen, there are places and times to be too casual(ripped jeans, t-shirts, etc.) When I say casual, I mean polos, nice shirts, etc.

For example, My friend Sam is an incredible dresser. He did a photo shoot a few months ago, and had great style:

Here he is in a nice purple, long-sleeved shirt and khakis. See? guys can wear this out running errands or going to school or anywhere really...(and by the way, guys rock in colors). Don't be afraid to wear colors! That is what this whole blog is about(risktaking).
If you wanna go for the hipster look, then I vote wearing flanel. It looks awesome on everyone! People get afraid of wearing flanel and I have no idea why. I understand if it's not your style, but if you're artsy and you don't know what kind of style you should go with, then use flanel as a start. My friend Sam is rocking this flanel shirt with blue jeans. It's simple and casual.

Here's Chris Pine walking the streets of L.A. in the flanel, lumberjack look and it looks great :).

See guys? That's it! It's not too complicated is it? So, if you wanna impress the ladies or just wanna change your style a little bit, then take my advice on these tips.

I hope this helps gents! :) I hope you guys enjoy this post.