Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello Everyone :) 

I know I'm a bit late on the fashion from the Emmy's. It has been a busy past few days...

Anyway better late than never, right?

To make it short and sweet, here are my choices for best and worst dressed. As usual, we shall start with the worst dressed from the Emmy's:


Ashley Judd, you look a little like you're going back in time here, the dress is nicely fitted on you but the hair has got to go!

 Emily Vancamp, this dress looks beautiful but it looks as though you're trying to be older. If it were a different color, it may work.

 Glenn Close, this dress is really awkward. The pattern is too much.

 Kristen Wiig, this dress is too plain for you. I love the hair on you, but I wish you would have dressed up a little more.

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 Lucy Liu, the dress is very well fitted on you, but it looks like you blend in with the dress.

 Zodia Memet, What is this? This pattern just looks awkward here. Next time, make sure the bottom part of the dress is more covered next time.

 Amy Poehler

 Claire Danes

 Jim Parsons

 Julia Louis Dreyfus

 Kat Dennings

 Sofia Vergara
 Tina Fey

That is all I have for the Emmy's folks! If you watched the Emmy's I hope you were happy with the choices of the nominees/winners! Congrats to all of you!
Before the finale of this post, I just wanna post a video of the commercial for Fall into Fashion event that I am attending tomorrow night/posting about on Friday! Enjoy :)
Until next time!